A remarkably simple way to create a

cap table
personal budget
KPI report
A screenshot of Subset spreadsheet canvas with a spreadsheet for loan repayment.
ARR Waterfall
GPT Cost
Recurring Payments
Return on Ad Spend

Building blocks, not blank sheets

It's easier than ever to build a spreadsheet with our library of prebuilt components



A spreadsheet for storytellers

Communicate data flow, and visualize your workflow

Clean formatting by default

Name tables, color code datasets, and add notes and context for your team.

Space for the whole team

Build together on an endless canvas

I love the idea of having a canvas with lots of spreadsheets in view. It's the best expression of how I use spreadsheets today.

Kai Jellinghaus

This is one of the coolest products I've seen... multiple data analysts working off of one data source on a canvas.

Jorrel Sto Thomas

A more delightful spreadsheet

Product screenshot for Colors and icons

Colors and icons

Separate and organize your data. Bring your spreadsheets to life.

Product screenshot for Table headers

Table headers

Turn any row into a header. Alignment starts from the top.

Product screenshot for Checkboxes and dropdowns

Checkboxes and dropdowns

Powerful ways to manage lists inside your sheet

Product screenshot for Autofill formulas

Autofill formulas

Expand formulas automatically to the end of the grid

Product screenshot for Markdown text

Markdown text

Add context without having to squeeze it into a cell.

Product screenshot for Navigate quickly

Navigate quickly

All your team's spreadsheets in one place.

Spreadsheets don't need to be hard to build